Introductions are in order

Introductions are in order

Hello Everyone!

I would like to make a short introduction to yet another blog I am planning on adding on here at Wood Smoke and Sunsets.

"It's a Lifestyle" will be a blog about all the topics I would like to chat about that aren't an adventure or a topic about the tiny house. There will be rants about life, reviews about cool stuff and experiences as well as my attempts to design the life I am hoping to create.

Most people talk about wanting to retire early or how they would change their life if they had more time. People want the excitement of the risk but not the instability, which makes sense. I am in a great position to do this while minimising the risk. My job, luckily, is a work from home position. This means that as long as I have a decent internet connection, those I work for and those I work with don't care if I am at home or if I am in the middle of nowhere or evening if my home is in the middle of nowhere for that matter.

Being able to move my home to various places out in the boondocks means that I will be able to work through the brightest part of the day and get out and shoot the wild lands during the most photogenic part of the day, sunset and sunrise.

It should also allow me to get a lot more content for my other site Biome Media  and allow me to grow that enough to help fight for the worlds most endangered. (Feel free to sign-up for the newsletter if you are interested in learning interesting stuff about the world of Zoology and Ecology.) The ultimate goal is to be able to produce Wildlife documentaries for Biome Media as I already have my degree in Zoology and that side of the world fascinates me. I am also currently working on one, there is just an awful lot to learn. 

So join me on this trip, it will likely be a journey of 2 steps forward and 1 step back kind of thing. There will even be times where I figure out a million ways not to do something and need to figure out another way to achieve it. However, if I get 1% closer every day, I will see it as a success.

Feel free to sign up for the newsletter. I am big on privacy so your information will be safe and will never be sold to anyone. We have some cool things in the pipeline, both for this blog but also for the site in general. I also love chatting so feel free to contact me on here or on Instagram at @woodsmokeandsunsets.

Wish you a fantastic rest of the day and hopefully hear from you soon.



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