Bus or Truck Part 2

Bus or Truck Part 2

Hi Folks,

So the dilemma continues, do I go with the box truck or go for a bus? I am still trying to work through the decision. My current attempt at answering the question was whether or not I could figure out a decent layout for a truck. I started with a 20-foot box figuring if I could make it work on a 20-footer then I could easily adjust if I was able to get a longer box.

Isuzu Box Truck

While working with the 20-foot box in the layout, I really struggled to fit everything in and feel like I had enough storage for everything that would allow me to have enough space for two people and possibly three dogs. Remember, my goal is to be able to be off-grid for at least a couple of weeks at a time. I also wanted to be able to take at least one, if not three dogs with me. I am one of those people that don't like having the dogs on the bed though, so I wanted to have a separate bedroom area. I also wanted to have a full bathroom, which means a proper shower and lavatory and a sink where I can shave my beard while out in the middle of nowhere.

In the end I thought that the 20-foot box would be too small so I tried again with a 24-foot box. Its amazing how much more space the extra 4 feet of length add. I worked with Charlotte on the design and was able to come up with a design I am pretty chuffed with. You can see it below. I also added the sizes in the layout design.

Truck Layout Design

The first layout is basically the floor layout. Whereas the layout below it is with the bed in place. The current idea is that the bed goes above the water tank, laundry and batteries. The batteries are needed to power the fridge, lights, water pump (so I have pressurised water coming out of the tap), water heater (I am leaning towards the electric water heater rather than an inline propane heater, not sure which is better yet), and then the computer as I am thinking I might take this blog into the video age when I move into the build stage. That allows me to see the size of the bed and what it will cover.

One thing I do need to consider is space for my guitar (so I can finally learn it) and fishing rods. I should be able to put my bike on the front of the truck which I feel shouldn't be too hard if I manage to do everything else.

I want to have a significant number of windows in the truck, including over the desk, over the couch, kitchen counter and in the bedroom. I likely would also have some frosted glass windows in the bathroom as that would allow me to vent the water vapour while showering.

What do you think? Do you prefer this layout or the bus layout I created in this blog post [Insert link to bus layout]

I look forward to hear your comments, hopefully I didn't forget anything major.



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