Bus Conversion Intro

Bus Conversion Intro

Hi everyone,

School bus parked in the fog

I decided to start another blog on this site too. It will be slightly different from the hiking one but somewhat related. So while there is the adventures blog that is basically a journal of my...well...adventures. This one is going to be about the process for planning, buying and converting a bus into a tiny home. Its also going to be written in real time as I go through the process myself. The idea is that I would be able to travel around a lot more and hopefully go on more adventures. Likewise, since I am lucky to work remote (I think a bunch of people now do thanks to covid) I have the freedom to move around and work from anywhere as long as I have a stable internet connection. So, what is this post about? well this post will basically be a table of contents for the blog. I'm going to list things that I want to look into and study up on so I have a decent idea about what I am getting myself into.

Just to give you an idea, I am basically starting from little to no experience, I mean I have done DIY projects before but building a tiny home is completely new. For this reason alone I want to make sure I do a ton of research, plan out what I might need, come up with a basic budget and hopefully document every step so that if I do it again I have a record of what I did the first time but also if anyone else can learn from any mistakes I make (and I am sure there will be lots) even better. I am sure this post will be edited multiple times throughout the planning process as I try to figure out just what it is that I don't know. Currently, these are the points I want to explore and it should give me a starting point. I will make posts about each of these points too while I look into it and add links to those posts here so its a quick click to those posts.


  • Want something that will last a while without having to go through major overhauls
  • Something that is strong enough to move a tiny house through mountain passes and possibly tow a little run-around vehicle behind it. 

Insulation and Heating

  • I live in Canada so insulating and heating the tiny house will be important for the winter. (We had two weeks of -40 Celsius only a month ago)
  • I want to have more than one and preferably more than two heating options in case one conks out. 
  • Look into issues regarding the windows. I imagine the windows a regular bus has would leak heat terribly. Try and find another option if this is the case. 

Power and Electricity

  • I think one of the biggest parts that intrigue me is being able to live off the grid, even for limited amounts of time. One of the obvious ways to generate electricity would be solar are there any other options? Again, would love to have more than one option.
  • Would like to have satellite internet, Starlink intrigues me but if they aren't able to be used on RV's and campers out in the boondocks, what are some other options. This would allow me to work while in the middle of nowhere. 


  • Would love to have a shower in the bus so I don't have to rely on campgrounds if possible. What complications might this introduce?
  • Don't want moisture building up as it could cause mould. 
  • Where does the water come from?
  • How to filter drinking water
  • How much water is needed for showers and is there a way to minimise this. 
  • How to heat the water for showers or washing dishes. 


  • How to handle human and food waste. If I am off grid for a while, what are some options?


  • How to plan for having dogs travel with me if needed. What are some pitfalls and how can they be mitigated. 


  • Personal enjoyment, I would love to have a deck on the roof so what is required with that?


  • I currently don't have somewhere to convert the bus. I, obviously, need to look into options. 
  • Research some common bus dimensions and plan out a few designs
  • Keep researching ways to make efficient use of space.


  • I have found a company that will insure a bus conversion. Will ask them for more details regarding that. The company can be found here

Ok, so these are just some starting points to help me get into the process of researching and coming up with a plan. This post will likely change throughout the research and build phases as I learn more about things I don't know. If you have any tips or ideas, please leave them in the comments below. Having input can definitely be a huge help. 

I hope you have a great day and weekend ahead!


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