Basic Layout

Basic Layout

Hello Everyone,

So I have been looking into the basics (read cursory glance mainly) of every system I plan to have on the bus. I will probably break every system down so that I have a list of all the components I will need in each system. For example a potable water tank, grey water tank, either a tankless water heater or a mini tank water heater. I am leaning towards the mini tank so that I don't need propane but I haven't had a look into either in depth yet. To start off with, I decided to try and make a basic layout which should hopefully allow me to visualise my a bit better.

I used the tool at to build the layout. Its a fantastic option to give you a taste. Eventually I think I will need to use something a bit more 3D so that I can build it out a bit more thoroughly but this was a fantastic way to dip your toes in the water as well as get you excited (at least it did for me ;)).

Skoolie layout idea

This is the layout I have come up with. The current idea is that there will be shelves or cupboards spanning both sides of the bus from the laundry cupboard to the drivers section as well as from the toilet to the drivers section. I am also thinking the couch may be on a raised platform slightly as well as the section from the fireplace to the drivers section so that I can put a system of battery packs below the floor. This should help with going off grid for extended periods of time.

Under the Counter and storage section (The one without the sink), I want to have a section where I can put a dog bed as well so that the dogs have somewhere that's theirs while still being out of the way.

I am thinking the potable water tank should be ok being beneath the bed. This will allow the massive weight of the water to sit in the middle of the bus not over balancing one side. My only current concert is where is the grey water tank going to sit. It needs to be lower than the shower drain so that the water will flow but in the extreme cold of the winters here in Canada, is needs to be kept warm and insulated so the water doesn't freeze. I will keep pondering on this. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to let me know. I always welcome suggestions.



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