Wolf Creek Trail - Alberta, Canada

Wolf Creek Trail - Alberta, Canada

Good evening!

Two posts in one week? I know right? How lucky are you lol just kidding. Last week I wasn't able to get the Paddy Flats post out since I was a bit busy but we still managed to get out for a hike on the weekend. It just means I had to catch up this week.

Crossing the river at Wolf Creek Trail

Last Saturday we decided to try a new hike none of us had done before, in an area we hadn't been before. We decided to do Wolf Creak Trail. Its listed as moderate on the Alltrails.com website but we chose it because it seems like a decent distance (10km there and back) with minimal elevation gain (218m) which was perfect since a couple in the group are sporting knee injuries. Alltrails states that the hike is a summer hike and best used from July to October. However, right at the beginning you have to cross a river. Luckily for us there was still ice so we could walk across. Someone else already had or else I might have hesitated. Since there was ice, we couldn't see how deep the river was but I would imagine it has to be pretty shallow for most people to decide to cross it even in summer. ugh, hiking in wet shoes is not pleasant.

Anyway, back to this particular trip. The weather was rather chilly on Saturday, hovering around -2 Celsius. There were wisps of snow that came falling too but not much more than the odd flake floating to the ground.

Wolf Creek Trail

We got to the parking lot in good time and got ready to leave. The trail follows the road a bit further, having to go beyond a closed gate across the road so that cars go no further. You proceed down a fairly steep switchback in the road which truthfully would be wicked trying to skateboard down, although I'm not sure if I could do it since I haven't been on a skateboard since I was about 14 and even then I wasn't very good at staying on the board.

Following the road after the switchback, there is a trail on your right, you want to continue past the first trail and instead take the second trail. The one you follow does go backwards a bit but not as far as the first trail that you walked past. You then cross the river and straight away there are steep parts as you make your way up the opposite bank. I was worried it was going to hurt the ones with the knee injuries but everyone said they were doing fine. The trail follows a path through some woodland. There was fresh snow for us would made the whole experience almost magical. There were some glimpses of spectacular views through the trees. Even still, with the fresh snow hanging over the woodland, the views were pretty.

Views from Wolf Creek Trail

After a while of walking through the trees you breakout into a bit of a swampland. There were some incredible views here with mist hanging over the rolling foothills. There is plenty of space to go around the swamp around though and so that's what we did. We went around and only had to jump over a small brook that was mostly frozen for us but I can't see it being too much even in summer. From there we made our way back into the woods and continued following the trail through the winter wonderland.

Eventually we made it to a meadow. This is technically the end of the Wolf Creek Trail but you can go further if you want. The trail continues around some hills before rejoining the trail again making a loop. It looks like it might add on about another 6 km's at least though. When we made it to the meadow there was a herd of White-tail deer grazing there. I tried to get a picture but since I only had my phone, for some reason I decided not to take my main camera, I had no zoom so I don't have any great shots of them. There were spots to get more shots of the view too and I managed to get some that I am pretty proud of.

Through the trees at Wolf Creek Trail

We continued a bit past the meadow, made it to some trees and made our way through them again while we looked for a place to sit and could have lunch. Strangely enough, no one wanted to sit in the snow. Something about getting a cold tushie or something, who knows? Anyway, we found a great log that we could brush off and have out lunch. I, again, took my favourite hiking snacks, Chuffles and biltong so I was quite content.

After lunch we took a short walk back to the car. Nothing too exciting happened on the way back.

The meadow at Wolf Creek Trail

Views from Wolf Creek Trail

I would love to have a look at this hike in the summer. Not too sure about crossing the river though. I imagine the woodland would be great to photograph when everything is growing and alive.

What are your favourite hiking snacks?



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