West Bragg Creek - Alberta Canada

West Bragg Creek - Alberta Canada

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic week. The plan this week was to do a decent length hike but with less hills. For this reason my sister Sasha suggested doing Moose Meadows Loop in West Bragg Creek Provincial Park. A nice 10km hike with only about 250m elevation gain. Sounds pretty good right?

The day started well. Everyone met up at Charlotte's house at 10.30 in the morning. Today is was Nick (Charlotte's Brother), Lexton (his son), my sister Sash and myself. Charlotte also decided to bring her two pups Oliver and Sybil on the hike which was good fun. Sybil gets very excited in the car as soon as we leave the city and starts crying out of excitement. Oliver just loves to stick his head out the window while driving.

View from West Bragg Creek

We had originally planned to do Moose Meadows loop. However, once we reached there we saw that its a groomed cross-country ski trail in the winter so rather than ruin it for the skiers right at the end of the season, we can do that a little later in the year. Since there are so many trails in the West Bragg Creek Provincial Park, we ended up switching to a few different trails as they crossed over each other. We started on Braggin' Rights trail before switching to Telephone Loop, then on to Reconnect before coming back down via Long Distance loop and then returning via a short stint Braggin' Rights again. According to my Garmin, the distance ended up being 9.67km which was a decent little hike as we build up strength.

Although most of the route was in the trees, there were glimpses of amazing views. I Didn't take my camera out too much although I did take it (Helps me build up those muscles) I instead tried my hand at carrying my gimble for my phone and taking a bunch of videos. It was good fun to try my hand at videography. I haven't looked into editing the video yet but if you have any tips or tricks, please let me know.

West Bragg Creek in Alberta Canada

The dogs really loved the hike and it tired them out quite well. They slept for most of the day after that. One that that did bother me is that even though there are signs stating that dogs should be on leash at all times, there was a lot of people that let their dogs off leash. We passed a couple who had three dogs that were off leash a few times and their dogs would not listen to them at all. Oliver and Sybil get very excited and bark when other dogs are around because they want to play. This was really annoying because I had to try and stop the other couples dogs from antagonising Sybil and Oliver. If your dog does not listen to commands you should really make sure it stays on the leash because that was the only downside to a really good day. The other couple didn't apologise or anything, they just kept walking while halfheartedly calling their dogs. One I had to actually grab by the harness and take to them. I could talk all day about this but let me just say that I was quite angry with them.

Otherwise it was a great day. I am not sure I would advise taking your dog there if you want a decent hike but apart from that it was good. The views were pretty, its close to Calgary and an easy way to get out in nature.

Hopefully you had the chance to get out in nature yourself!

Talk soon


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