Ware Creek Connector Trail - Alberta Canada

Ware Creek Connector Trail - Alberta Canada

Hi Everyone!

Hopefully your week has been great!

I am currently sitting at my dinning table watching a large flock of cowbirds harvest all the bugs from my backyard...I could try and come up with some deep meaning for that but it would likely be as deep as a puddle. As someone who likes bugs, I am a bit conflicted but oh well. The birds need to eat too.

Ok, on to this weeks hike. The plan was to do Missing Mountain Trail. I wasn't sure why they named it that, but we figured it out. The mountains and the trail were both missing...so this might be a short post.

Ware Creek Hiking Trail

The day started out early, we weren't sure if we would go for a hike as there is a lot of smoke hanging in the air from the unfortunate BC fires. We decided to head out and see if the mountains were any less smoky. The hike today was with my sister, Charlotte's brother Nick and his son Lexton. We left around 8am and headed south towards Millarville.

When we arrived at the the trailhead at around 930-ish in the morning. The road to the trailhead was a windy dirt logging road over some tall hills and through the trees. It was a fun road to drive although I suggest doing it slowly. The trailhead was almost empty except for one other car. The trailhead we parked at required us to follow another trail to get to the missing mountain trail. That trail we had to follow was the Ware Creek Trail. It looked short and seemed pretty easy.

Ware Creek Connector Hiking Trail

We got ourselves ready, feeling cool in the very slight drizzle as we headed out to the trail. It was said that the trail was well marked...I beg to differ. There was a sign on the opposite side of the parking lot to the trail but nothing near the trail or on the trail. We followed what we think was the right trail. It was definitely beautiful hiking through the trees and the overcast misty environment there was really special. Even Lexton walked a portion of the hike. Quite a feet for the little 2 year old who always gets to hangout on his dads back.

Spider webs of dew on Ware Creek Connector Trail in Alberta Canada

We managed to get a little over a kilometre before we went between two trails and the trail opened out into a field and the trail disappeared. We halfheartedly tried looking for the trail by wondering aimlessly in the field. There were a lot of cobwebs covered in water droplets from the drizzle which made for some interesting pictures. We also happened upon a little frog but he was way too fast for me to get a picture sadly.

Ware Creek Hiking trail in Alberta Canada

Eventually, we turned back after wandering around aimlessly for half and hour and walked back to the parking lot. We wanted to make sure we had the right trail because we weren't feeling so sure about the trail. Turns out there wasn't another that we might have missed which confused us. In the end we decided to go back to a clearly near the meadow where we lose the trail and just have lunch while letting Lexton run around and burn off some energy.

That was the end of that hike, after lunch we left and headed home.

Views from Ware Creek Connector Trail in Alberta Canada

It was a beautiful hike, I loved the feeling of remoteness. We saw no one else at all. One of the times we were down the trail, our parking lot partner left and we saw no one else until we were half way down the logging road on our way back.

I would definitely hike this again, although I would prefer it if I could make sure I was on the right path next time.

I hope your next week is another great one. Only a few days to wait until the next hike.



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