Vermillion Lakes - Alberta Canada

Vermillion Lakes - Alberta Canada

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic week! I am officially on vacation so my week is going well. To kick off my week off, we had to make some changes to the adventure plan though, which might make this weeks post a bit shorter.

I could only day I could make it out was on Saturday but the weather in Kananaskis was definitely not ideal. The weather called for rain most of the day. For this reason, Charlotte and I decided to hold off on the hike and instead head out super early to try and get sunrise shots that we might be able to print.

Vermillion Lakes Drive

The day started off real early as we left the house around 4.30am with the hopes of being at Two Jack Lake in Banff around 6.15am. If there were a break in the clouds, it would still be dark enough at this time to get some shots of the stars and the rising sun. Due to reasons, (like me not taking into account the fact that I needed to buy a new park pass) we only arrived at Two Jack Lake at about 6.50am. If there had been a break in the clouds it would have been way too late to see the stars. However the cloud and fog were so thick that you couldn't even see Mount Rundle on the far side of the lake.

Vermillion Lakes in Banff

With this development, we decided to try and shoot the famous mountain from a different angle and instead made our way to Vermillion Lakes. The view was still very foggy but there were breaks that allowed you to see portions of the mountain. Using my 24mm lens, I was able to get some decent shots of the mountain with the lovely grass in the forefront. It allowed me to breakup the scene into layers almost, which I am very happy about. I was also able to take a few timelapses you show off the cloud movement perfectly. (Luckily there wasn't rain or else I may have had to bring out some protection for the camera. I think I have an umbrella in the car but I should probably make sure of that.)

Elk crossing Vermillion Lakes

(Can you spot the Elk crossing the lake)

While we were out there shooting, we saw an elk walk up to the water's edge on the far side of the lake and swim across to an outcropping to our left. This allowed me to get some great shots of it. A few minutes later there was a Bald Eagle that flew around the lake which was also fun to shoot. Thankfully the Bald Eagle did his lap of the lake after the elk swam or else I may not have had the chance to put my 70-300mm lens as the Bald Eagle flight was a lot quicker than the Elk swim.

Bald Eagle and Crow at Vermillion Lakes

Charlotte and I finished up our little adventure at Beamer's Coffee Bar in downtown Canmore. It has sort of become our tradition. Do you have any hiking or adventure traditions?



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