Three Sisters via Highline Trail - Alberta Canada

Three Sisters via Highline Trail - Alberta Canada

Hello Everyone,

Three Sisters via Highline Trail

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I certainly did. This weekend, a whole group of us decided to do the Highline trail to the Three sisters village above Canmore. The day itself was a chilly one with the high only hitting about +4 Celsius. However there is a decently steep portion right at the beginning which helped warm us up. 

The Highline trail extends from Quarry Park going quite a long distance. For this high we followed the AllTrails route though which had us starting in the parking lot of the Worldmark Canmore - Banff hotel/resort. The fact that it was the parking lot for the resort confused us at first and we thought we had the wrong place but nope, the trail-head is in the parking lot.

Three Sisters via Highline Trail

There had been snow a few days before the hike so there was more snow than I had anticipated. Sash (my sister) and I weren't too "plucked" or upset about that though since it meant we could try out our new spikes for our boots that we got last week. (They worked really well). There were some spots where the group took carefully as the majority of the trail is in the trees on a steep slope. The trail is also used by mountain bikers though so we had to move to the side a couple of times to let people pass. It wasn't a busy trail which was really nice.

Starting in the parking lot we only when about 5 km's in until you get to the waterfall/bubbling brook. On the side of the stream that you start on, there is a bench where we decided to have lunch and then turned back. I think I am going to start looking into other recipes for tasty hiking snacks, although the ones I took were pretty good. African biltong is a favourite snack of mine. While we were eating we had an unexpected visitor running around in the forest finding their own lunch too. This little Pine Marten was cute to watch and try to photograph.

Pine Marten at Three Sisters via Highline Trail

On the way back we decided to go back using the Powerline trail. It was decent but a whole lot easier. We did come across a Spruce grouse that followed us down the trail and attempted to attack my sisters shoes. It did refuse to come to me even though Charlotte tried filming it coming up to me.

Loved the hike, I would love to do it again later on in the season maybe when there is less snow and the bubbling brook is flowing a bit stronger. I might take my tripod too to get some long exposure shots as the water cascades beautifully over the large rocks.

Three Sisters via Highline Trail

Have you done this hike? What did you think of it?

Have a great rest of your week and a fantastic adventure!


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