Sandy McNabb Hills and Meadow - Alberta Canada

Sandy McNabb Hills and Meadow - Alberta Canada

Hello friends,

I hope your week has gone well and you were able to get out and enjoy the weekend.

Sandy McNabb Hills and Meadow

This weekend, on the adventure outing, the group decided to do another hike. We tried to do something with less elevation as we have noticed that elevation has been affecting some of the groups knees recently. So for this week we settled on the Sandy McNabb Hills and Meadow Trail that we found on AllTrails website.

Leaving at what has become our regular time now, 8am, we made it out to the trailhead pretty early as it is located about 15 minutes west of Turner Valley. The drive to the trail head was beautiful. The area west of Turner Valley is incredibly beautiful with its rolling hills and pockets of woodland. When I am ready to settle down and buy land, it will hopefully be in this area.

Badger at Sandy McNabb

The parking lot for the trailhead is at the Sheep River Visitors Centre on highway 546. When we arrived we were the only ones there so we weren't completely sure we had found the right place, but we found trailhead fairly quickly. The trail starts on the opposite side of the highway to the visitors centre.

The trail heads off into a grove of trees quite quickly and you are immersed in a lovely forested area. I felt like I was a lot further away from civilisation that I actually was which made it a lot of fun. You could hear the squirrels running around and chattering in the tree tops. One or two sounded like they were following the group as we made our way through the trees. After about 10 minutes of walking, we came across a herd of cows in the trees which ran away from us. You could feel the ground shape as they thundered away from us.

Badger at Sandy McNabb Hills and Meadows

We found a trail that seemed to be part of an old camp ground. The trail was still there and the campsite numbers but the camp sites themselves seemed to have been reclaimed by nature. The trail did follow a cliff that hung over the river in a valley below. We had lunch on the cliff as it was dotted with benches that made it a bit of a look out point.

We didn't want to push the distance too much so we turned around at the 5km mark just to see if we could start healing the injured knees in the group. We did miss the turn as well on the way back but that was mainly due to not being attentive. We found the corner after backtracking a bit.

Hiking at Sandy McNabb Hills and Meadows

We came out of the trees a bit further up Highway 546 than the starting point so we walked allow the highway back to the visitors centre. It was very lucky that we did because on our way we spotted a North American Badger. Its a species I had never seen in the wild before and I was able to get a few shots of it. It was very interesting to compare it to its Southern African cousin, we I had seen before. To hear more about the badger, though, head on over to my other blog at Biome.Media.

Looking forward to our next hike this coming weekend. I am hoping for something with a bit more water features to try and take some long exposure shots.

Looking forward to hearing all about your trips.



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