Rummel Lake - Alberta Canada

Rummel Lake - Alberta Canada

Hi Everyone,

I hope your week has gone well. Mine was busy with work so it went by really fast.

We decided to try a new hike for us. It had been on our list for the past few years but the plans always fell through. Nick, Charlotte's brother, did it sometime last year and really enjoyed it. He also mentioned how one of the people he hiked the trail with last year pulled in about 5 fish in the span of half an hour, so I was keen to take my fishing rod and give it a go.

Rummel Lake Trailhead

We had an early start to the morning again today. The trail was about 10kms there and back with about 400 meters in elevation. Not too sure why but the trail to the lake felt a lot longer than the 5 km's its supposed to be. My Garmin GPS watch did say it was about 7 but either way, it did feel longer so be aware of that. What is nice about the trail is hat instead of having a steep portion at the beginning or end of the trail, it felt generally pretty consistent throughout the length.

View from the Rummel Lake Trail - Alberta Canada

The trail starts by going up the side of a hill that alternates between bare and clusters of trees. The views at this point are great and you can get glimpses of spray lakes in the distance. About half way up there is a view point with a bench where you can sit and rest a bit.

Waterfall near Rummel Lake trail Alberta Canada

Once you leave the bench behind, you soon also leave the edge of the hill behind and start walking into a forest. For some reason the forest reminded some of us in the group of the Wild Pacific Trail outside Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. The trees seem old and wind torn. The forest was nice and dark though, and a lot cooler being out of the sun.

After a while we can to a group of people coming back from the lake. We met them at a fork in the road. One way looked groomed and the other way looked overrun with grasses. Other other people told us the way was the overrun section, so that's the way we went. On the way back we found out that the other way is the official way to the lake, but the overrun way is by far the prettier way. You follow a babbling brook that comes from the lake, past a couple of impressive waterfalls. I was able to get some great shots this way. The trail is a bit cramped in spots though so be aware of that.

Waterfall near Rummel Lake trail Alberta Canada

Eventually we made it to the lake and were greeted by a beautiful site. There were a couple of other families around the lake but it wasn't crowded by any means. The group sat down to eat some lunch. The bug were unbelievable though. I don't think I have ever seen surrounded by swarms of bugs as large as this. Granted they were mainly mayflies and other harmless bugs. About a quarter of them were mosquito and then there was the odder horse fly that came to lap up the sweat. Either way, we stayed just long enough for me to throw in a few casts on the fishing rod but I didn't catch anything. We then had a very quick lunch before heading back.

I would definitely do this trail again. Maybe in a different season though. I feel I didn't catch anything because of the amount of bugs around. The fish just weren't hungry. Maybe earlier in the season would be better for the fishing and better for not having as many bugs.

Rummel Lake Alberta Canada

How about you? Have you ever done this hike? Have you ever considered hiking in a beekeeper suit? (I did after this hike and I like bugs)

I hope you have a great week!


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