Rawson Lake - Alberta, Canada

Rawson Lake - Alberta, Canada

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I hope everyone is doing well! This week Charlotte and I took off work to go on adventures. Yesterday we went kayaking at Upper Kananaskis like you can see in the previous blog post. Today, we decided to head back there and go for a hike. The hike's trail head is at the main Upper Kananaskis lake.

The trail follows the Upper K lake trail for the first 2 or so kilometres. The Upper K trail is an 18kms trail that follows the shoreline of the lake. However, after following that trail for about 2 kilometres there is a turn off to the right to Rawson Lake. The lake itself sits in a bowl half way up the mountain.

Upper Kananaskis Lake to Rawson Lake

The trail is fairly steep after the fork, at about 630m elevation. Despite it being so heavily trafficked, the trail is crisscrossed by tree roots and rocks the entire way up. There was even a fallen tree across the trail at about half-way up. So, needless to say, this is a trail where you should watch your step.

Before the fork you get some great shots of Upper K lake and the Sarrail Falls which is great. The entire way from to fork to the lake is all amongst trees so the views are a bit limited. You can get some good forest shots but there are certainly no vistas. When you, finally, emerge from the trees at the top of the hike, you are greeted with a stunning view of the lake sitting in the middle of a giant bowl of rock.

Rawson Lake

We reached the lake at just after 10 in the morning so there were barely a handful of other people around. It was lovely to see the lake so still and peaceful but we made sure to be extra vigilant in case we happened across a bear. We didn't, which is probably good. I don't have a lens that would allow me to photograph it properly from a safe distance away.

The lake was a lovely quiet green while we had our lunch and the fish were jumping so I had slight regret for not bringing my fishing rod. However, I wouldn't have been able to fish for very long as the heat of the day was coming and we still had to make it down. We had a 20 minute rest before we headed back down.

Charlotte at Rawson Lake

The way down was easier. We didn't have to stop for breaks or anything but it does use a different muscle group than going up...obviously. I could definitely feel the quads by the time we got back down. Our goal was to be down by about 11.30 as the drive back to the city was around 2 hours. We ended up making it back to the vehicles by just after 11.30 and had a fun drive back to the city. There were sheep in the middle of the road on Highway 40 licking the salt off the roads so be aware that they do that.

I love the Rawson lake hike and ended up doing it again later in the week with a different group of people but that's another blog post. In fact, I would say that the Rawson lake hike is likely to be one of my favourites. It was one of the first Charlotte and I did together many years ago. The views are also spectacular, especially when you emerge from the trees and you have this massive wall of rock on the far side of the lake towering over you. We didn't end up continuing to Sarrail Ridge yet but I am thinking I might want to do that at some point. Again, that will be for another post.

Rawson Lake

How do you find this hike if you have done it?

Have a great weekend!


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