Ptarmigan Cirque - Alberta, Canada

Ptarmigan Cirque - Alberta, Canada

Good Morning my friends,

Well, its Wednesday again, and you know what that means? Another recap of the adventures from last weekend. After hiking Picklejar Lakes, both Sash and Nick were feeling it. Sasha’s ankles were very tired and hurting and Nick’s left knee wasn’t feeling great, so we decided to do an easier one this week so that nothing gets hurts again but hard enough to feel like its worth it.

Chipmunk at Ptarmigan Cirque Trail

This week we had a couple of other people join us. First up is my brother, Kyle who has never joined us on a hike before and the other person was one of his friends Garrett who just returned from four years of schooling in the states. Then the regular group Charlotte, Sasha, Nick, Lexton and I also went. It was a grand time. The smoke from the wildfires seemed to have thinned out allowing us to catch glimpses of blue sky.

A stream at Ptarmigan Cirque Trail in Alberta Canada

We left early in the day as it was supposed to be a scorcher again. We ended up leaving at about 8am when the weather was cool and almost overcast. We headed south on highway 22, also known as the Cowboy Trail. We made it through Black Diamond and then following google maps, headed down some back roads, one of which ended up being a very long dirt road, to hit Highway 40. The road and the views from the road were beautiful but if you are hoping to keep your car clean, this road is definitely not for you. You car will come out a whole lot cleaner if you just take Highway 2 down to Longview and then right onto Highway 40.

The Way Down on Ptarmigan Cirque

We ended up making it to the trail-head around 930 in the morning. There were still significant shadows being cast by all the mountains which added wonderful depth to the beautiful views. There were also two people from Alberta Parks guiding people into parking spaces so that the most number of cars could fit in the parking lot. That’s one way to tell if the hike you’re going on is a busy one, if the parking lot has its own attendants.

The trail up is short but in areas quite steep. Kyle and Garrett forged ahead while Sash, Charlotte, Nick and I took a little longer. With Nick carrying a two year old on his back and worrying about Sasha’s ankles and frankly not having other plans, we saw no reason not to take things slower. It also allowed me to take a bunch of photos instead of rushing through the trail. We always hike with Walkie Talkies too so we were in constant contact with Kyle and Garret should anything have transpired.

Charlotte on Ptarmigan Cirque Trail

The hike is short but we were able to have lunch in the shadow of the peaks above the alpine meadow that the hike ends at. Garrett, Nick, Kyle and I did climb up a giant pile of rocks which overlooks the meadow before which allowed me to get some good shots of the view. It was a short hike, only about 7kms long but with beautiful views.

Ptarmigan Cirque Alpine Meadow Trail in Alberta Canada

Its a great hike if you are starting out hiking or if your or someone in your party is hurting. Its also a good hike if you want to get some good shots but once you have done it once, there isn’t much of a reason to do it again.

Views from Ptarmigan Cirque in Alberta Canada

I don’t think I will be doing this one again, but I am very glad I did it.

On to the next hike! Any suggestions?



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