Picklejar Lakes - Alberta Canada

Picklejar Lakes - Alberta Canada

Good Morning!

I hope your week has gone well.

This week in adventures we wanted to try and push the envelope a bit more. We decided to try our hand at a hike that would be the hardest we have done so far...which may not sound like much but remember we are a couple of weeks out from having two sprained ankles on the team. One of the group also hurt their LCL or lateral co-lateral ligament in their knee so it was a decent way to push people in the group.

Picklejar Lake Trail in Alberta Canada

The hike is about 11km's in distance again but about 700 meters in elevation. There were definitely some steep portions. The views definitely made up for it though.

We didn't leave as early as we were planning and ended up hitting some road closures so we had to take a very roundabout route to the trailhead. In the end, we started the hike at around 11am. The very first few hundred meters are at a slight incline which allows you to get the blood pumping. It does fairly quickly become quite a bit steeper though. Luckily the steeper portion doesn't last too long at the beginning of the hike.

Overlooking the first Picklejar Lake

There is a bit of a stretch afterwards where you don't go up too much. The trail does follow a steep edge around the hill which you don't want to fall down as it would be a pain trying to climb back up. Also, the trail is fairly narrow so if you need to pass by someone, things can get a bit intimate lol.

After the meadows on the side of the hill you move through a grove of trees. The incline gradually goes up until you get to about 3.5kms. Once you hit that there is a few switch backs that are surprisingly steep. However, once you get to the top of the switchbacks there is a short but VERY steep portion. If you take it slow, you'll be good though.

Picklejar Lakes Trail in Alberta Canada

Once you pass the very steep portion, its just downhill from there...literally. You head down to the first lake. There are three lakes, the first is by far the prettiest...I think. We did actually go to the third lake. Since Charlotte wasn't able to join us, we decided to leave that lake for when we do it again later on in the season. Charlotte wants to join us then too. The first lake is better looking than the second at least. The second lake is surrounded by a lot of skree while the first is surrounded by forest on one end and moss covered rocks on the other side.

There is also fishing for Cuthroat Trouts if that interests you. It was to me but I did not bring my rod as the plan was to go for dinner later that evening so there wasn't much time to sit and relax at the lakes.

Rare Picture of me on Picklejar Lake Trail

A very rare picture of me

Will definitely be doing this hike again. I am really looking forward to doing it with Charlotte again and seeing that third lake.

Have you tried this one yet? What are your thoughts?



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