Mist Mountain Trail - Alberta Canada

Mist Mountain Trail - Alberta Canada

Hello, everyone!

Your favourite daytrip adventure blogger is here for another tale of woe and strife... ok, maybe not, but still another trip under my belt. Firstly, though, how was your weekend? Were you able to get out and do what you wanted to in the name of adventure? Hopefully, the answer to that was yes, and if so, send us an email or use the contact us page to let us know. We love hearing about other adventures!

From the trailhead of Mist Mountain

Until then, let's talk about the adventure I was able to go on this past weekend. Do you remember when, during the summer, we tried to find Missing Mountain? Well, it seems that is in the past now since we climbed Mist Mountain... ok, not quite a missed mountain, but the joke works if you are reading this aloud. 

We started a little later on Saturday. The hike is only a little further than the PickleJar Lakes Hike, so about an hour and a half away. Leaving Calgary at about 9.15am, it was still quite cold but the sun was shining, which made for a beautiful day. We drove south via Longview to Highway 40, which is probably my favourite way to go. However, in less than a month, that route will be closed for the next six months, forcing us to take Highway 1.

View from the top of Mist Mountain.

When we got to the trailhead, which is nothing more than a turnout on the side of the road, the sun was still shining and it looked like a great day. It was a bit chilly, but the hike had about 555 metres of elevation in about 3.5 kilometers, so I knew I would be warming up quickly. The trail starts by walking through trees and starts out pretty steep. If you are going around this time of year, I would definitely suggest some heavy duty spikes on your feet. We, luckily, had spikes that could likely be used for weapons on our feet, which was good because there were multiple places where you could see people had slipped on the ice and soft, slushy snow. 

We warmed up quite nicely on our way up, although I will admit we stopped more than a few times to catch our breath. It was very tiring in parts to get up the hill. Once we broke out of the trees though, we thought we were nearing the top of the hill. This proved to not be the case. There is a significant portion still to go, but once you break out of the trees, the views become incredible. As we slowly made our way up to the top, we saw clouds moving in behind us across the valley. 

Beautiful light from the top of Mist Mountain

As we slowly made our way to the top, the wind became more and more intense. By the time we reached the top, there was significant difficulty in just facing into the wind. We managed it and I was able to get some shots, but there were some gusts that could make you wobble. Due to the force of the wind and the temperature, we decided that there was no place up there to have a decent lunch, so we took in the view for a few minutes before heading down. I was hoping the clouds across the valley would come in front of the sun before we headed back down, because the sun on the snow makes for some very harsh shadows. Unfortunately, either the clouds or the sun, or even both, didn't want to do what I wanted, and instead the sun remained high and bright by the time we got too cold to remain at the top. So we started heading down.

About 10–20 minutes later, the sun decided to slink behind the clouds, and I was able to try and get some shots. Sadly, the views weren't nearly of the same quality at the top. Also, to add insult to injury, the clouds started dropping this white stuff called snow, which I think was very inconsiderate of them. 

On the trail of Mist Mountain

The whole hike ended up taking about 3 hours, so it was a short one. I would consider doing this one again. I think it would make for an amazing sunset hike. 

The pictures from this trip just weren't the greatest in my mind though.

Hopefully, you had more success.


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