Legacy Trail Pt 2 - Alberta, Canada

Legacy Trail Pt 2 - Alberta, Canada

Good Morning everyone!

I hope everyone's weekend was great and were able to get out for an adventure.

For this weeks adventure, Charlotte and I decided to retry the Legacy Trail between Canmore and Banff. You can read about our last attempt here where we almost made it but had to turn back on the last leg of the trip.

Legacy Trail in Alberta Canada

We left the city a bit late this morning, at around 9.15ish as I may not have gotten my stuff ready the night before and had to do it in the morning which slowed me down a bit. Once we left though, the roads were busy but we took a relaxed drive out to Canmore. We reached the visitors centre in Canmore around 11 in the morning. This time there weren't parking attendants at the visitors centre so we were able to park there which made things easier. Unlike last time, we didn't have to cross the bridge over the trans-Canada Highway, with cars flying past you.

One thing I am very happy about is taking my little cars air compressor because it pumps up the tires so quickly. It pumped up my tire from 30psi to 55psi in a matter of seconds which was great. In fact it worked so well that other people in the parking lot were asking to use it to pump up their tires too.

Views from the Legacy Trail in Alberta Canada

We started the trail and pretty quickly we learned that we were in for a windy ride. Heading from Canmore to Banff is always riding into the wind. This weekend the wind was just blowing quite heavily, because of this, the trip was quite exhausting. Even though, we are very proud to say that we flew. Even going into a heavy headwind, we made exceptionally good time. Making the trip in 1 hour and 10 minutes, we were struggling to walk once we made it to Cascade Ponds.

Cascade Ponds near Banff Alberta, Canada

We sat down at a picnic table and had our lunch. However, since we were sweating so hard on the ride, once we stopped riding, we started cooling off really quickly. This shortened our break and we quickly started heading back. Luckily, since we were going with the wind, we made very quick time. The fastest speed we reached going back was 48km/h and the trip only took us about 40 minutes.

Cascade Ponds near Banff

It was a great trip, albeit exhausting. I look forward to doing it again. My only disappointment is that I cannot wear my iconic orange hat while wearing the bike helmet.

Cascade Mountain - From Canmore to Banff

Have you done this trail? Either on a bike or on roller blades, or even running? What did you think?



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