Legacy Trail - Alberta Canada

Legacy Trail - Alberta Canada

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have had a fantastic week!

Mine has been interesting, working hard on setting up a surprise for my followers here! More about that later on in another post though.

This weekend we were able to get out and finally bike the Legacy Trail which was fantastic. I hadn't been on my bike for about a month at least so it was great to be able to get it out again and go for a ride.

Most of my stories on here start from the moment we leave on the trip, this one however, is going to start while I was getting ready to head out. Since I had not been able to take my bike out for the last month, maybe a month and a half, I wanted to take it out the day before we did the Legacy Trail just to make sure things are still running well. I do have a new bell that I haven't put on yet, so I wanted to get that all sorted too. It turns out I was too busy that day and didn't end up having time. This is where things started deviating from the plan and even the smallest change can compound into larger and larger issues. As my dad says, Entropy causes entropy.

View from the Legacy Trail

Well I was up bright and early the next morning to get everything ready but I didn't have time if things didn't go well. I went to get the bikes out of the shed which only holds a few bikes. I opened the shed with no problems and started pulling out my bike. As I was pulling it, the pedal on the one side hit the side of the shed and suddenly there was a buzzing sound coming from the top of my head. Yup, turns out there was a wasp nest in top corner of the shed that I hadn't seen. In the cold morning the wasps were happy to sleep but once I bumped the shed they woke up. I backed up pretty quickly and surprisingly didn't get stung. The wasps were very unhappy about the current situation though and I ended up having to wait for a while before they started calming down.

Eventually, I was able to very gingerly remove the two bikes from the shed that were getting used that day. Only to find out that the second bike had a punctured front tube. It was as flat as could be. Being a bit behind schedule at this point. I loaded up the bikes onto the back of the car and Sash and I headed out to go meet Charlotte, Nick and little Lexton, praying that the tube would still be okay for the almost 45kms ride.

When we all met up, Nick has a powered pump so we used that to pump up the tire as it was able to do it in a few seconds. No one could find a leak in the tire so we were hopeful about being able to make the ride. The drive out to Canmore was beautiful. We hadn't made that drive in about 2 months as we had mainly been going down to Longview and then up Highway 40 for most of the hikes this summer. We arrived at the Canmore Visitors centre at about 9.30am and were greeted by a parking attendant. I had never seen one for the visitors centre before but I guess they are all over (They have been at a few of the hikes over the summer too) due to Kananaskis being inundated by people looking to escape the pandemic for a little bit.

Legacy Trail in Alberta Canada

The parking attendant told us that the parking lot was full for cyclists and it had been since 9am. If we wanted to park, we had to park in the overflow area on the far side of the Transcanada, right over the bridge. Not too much of a hassle apart from the fact that the bridge has little to no shoulders so it feels sketchy AF riding your bike over the bridge with cars flying around. We found some parking spots and had a look at the bikes. Unfortunately the front tire was flat again.

We took the wheel apart and found the puncture. This was great because we were able to try and use a patch kit to fix the tube. After about 20 minutes of fiddling around, we were able to get the bike reassembled and were on our way. We made it over the bridge and about 500 meters down the trail before we were again disassembling the bike. Yeah, unfortunately the patch did not hold. Maybe it didn't have enough time to dry or something. Luckily Charlotte had two spare tubes in her bag and although they weren't the exact same size, we were able to jimmy-rig it to work. Finally we didn't have any more tire issues.

The rest of the ride was quite uneventful. There is a hill on the Canmore half which is really tiring. It goes up at a shallow angle but it is long and grinding before ending on a steep uphill. I have only ever been able to make it up once without walking before. This weekend I was able to make it a second time. I guess the running lately has been helping which is very exciting.

We didn't quite make it to the end of the trail as someone in the group was extremely tired at about 15kms. So we turned back and ended up having lunch at the half way point. I am determined to make it all the way sometime this year though so Charlotte and I have said we will go again before winter hits.

I am going to end this post there but hit me up on social media if you want to hear the story about how I got the bikes back into the wasp-infested shed. Hint, it wasn't without pain.

Best regards and I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you!

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