Karst Springs Trail - Alberta Canada

Karst Springs Trail - Alberta Canada

Good Morning my Friends!

This week we are talking about intrigue, betrayal and the changing of plans....ok maybe not that dramatic. There certainly wasn't any betrayal.

Waterfall at Karst Springs Trail, Alberta Canada

The original plan for last weekend was to bike the Legacy Trail. The Legacy trail is a pathway that runs parallel to the Trans-Canada Highway between Canmore and Banff in Alberta Canada. Its a 25km long pathway that is used by cyclists or runners mostly. Sometimes there are roller-bladers too. I may have run pretty much every day this month so far, but I am still no where near fit enough to run the length of the path though. (Possibly next year but don't quote me on that). The idea was to cycle it, as it's a lot easier than running after-all. I pushed pretty hard to do it last weekend for reasons that will be explained in the post about it, when we finally get to do it. 

However, this past weekend was supposed to be very smokey and about 38C so sadly biking the legacy trail wasn't in the cards. There is always next week though which is good, fingers crossed we can do it then. This weekend, due to the heat and the smoke, we decided last minute we didn't want to do anything too exhausting. Remembering we had to turn back the last time we hiked Karst Spring trail due to snow (read the post here), we decided to redo it and see if we could make it to the Springs. Its only 5kms to Watridge Lake and then about an extra kilometer to the Springs. It is also very flat so shouldn't be too exhausting.

Karst Springs Waterfall - Alberta Canada

We arrived at the trail-head at about 10.30am after leaving at 8am. I will admit, I love the hikes down the Smith-Dorian Trail in Kananaskis but I grimace every time I have to drive on the gravel road, even though this is probably one of the better gravel roads I have come across. I just don't like driving on gravel roads in my little Cruze, maybe I need a bigger vehicle. Enough about that though, that's for another blog. We made it to the trail at about 10.30am and pretty quickly headed on our way.

For most of the hike you are walking along a trail that could be used as a single lane road. The trail is also used as an entrance to Mnt Assiniboine National Park. There were a few cyclists that passed us on the path while Lexton was setting the pace. Lexton is almost 2 and a half years old so we weren't moving very fast. I mean, they likely would have passed us even if Lexton weren't setting the pace as the cyclists were travelling faster than we walk, it just happened to be while Lil Lex was walking.

Waterfall near Karst Springs Trail Alberta Canada

There isn't much elevation change between the trail-head and just before Watridge Lake. However, once you get close to the lake there is a steep but short hill to go down to the lake. I took a few shots at the lake but the smoke was so thick that none of them turned out.

Charlotte, my sister Sash and Lexton decided to stop at the lake and have lunch there. So Nick, Garrett and myself left our bags with them and headed on to Karst Springs which is only a kilometre ahead.

Karst Spring Hiking Trail - Alberta Canada

What we didn't know was the views we would come across on the way up to Karst Spring. The trail follows a meandering waterfall covered in moss. It looked like it was right out of a fairy tale. The further up that you go on the trail, the more impressive the waterfall looks until you come to the top. The water emerges straight from the rock through fissures and gaps. We saw a few places at the top where the water was welling up above the surface of the pool. It was fascinating to watch. I was disappointed that I had left my tripod in the car. I didn't think I would need it because of how thick the smoke was. Boy, was I wrong,  I could have used it so much on the waterfall unfortunately. I guess it just means I will have to go back again, which is alright by me.

I would definitely recommend this hike to the budding nature photographer. The trail is pretty easy and the views are incredible. You can get some stunning shots.

Hiking Karst Spring Trail in Alberta Canada

Looking forward to the next trip already.

Have a great rest of your week!


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