Heart Creek Bunker and Trail - Alberta Canada

Heart Creek Bunker and Trail - Alberta Canada

Hi Everyone,

For this weeks adventure, the weather wasn't the greatest so we were wondering if we were even going to go. It was supposed to be raining most, if not all of the day and was supposed to be a bit chilly. In the past several weeks I have been out hiking every weekend, the hikes have quickly become something I really look forward to, so missing a week would have left me feeling deprived. Luckily, when I messaged the rest of the group, most felt the same way. Charlotte decided to sit this one out because she doesn't enjoy hiking in the rain. Nick, Lexton and myself still decided to go out though.

View from Heart Creek Trail

We decided to do the Cold War bunker near Heart Creek this week. Thinking if the rain got really bad we could wait it out and explore the bunker a bit. Also, its not a long hike to the bunker so we wouldn't be in the rain too long if got caught half way. All in all it seemed like a good idea and it was. Although while the trail and the environment was a bit damp, once we got to the trailhead there was no rain. We made it up to the bunker (which was interesting). We did get a little confused but luckily our navigator (my sister Sash) had read the directions first. The trail to the bunker actually starts on the opposite side of the parking lot to the Heart Creek Trail. The Heart Creek Trail trailhead is marked with a map and board but the trailhead for the bunker isn't marked at all actually.

So luckily my sister knew where to go and we made decent time. I think it took us MAYBE half an hour to get to the bunker, its a pretty short trail to the bunker since the trip is about 4km's round trip. The bunker is mainly just a dark cave. We took some great waterproof USB charging lamps that last something like a week on low power. There was no shortage of light. We tried to head into the cave at which point Lexton, Nick's 2-year old son started crying. The poor little guy was not interested in going underground. We tried to get him to go in a few more times but he was adamant that he wanted no part of it. We split up the group, someone stayed out with Lexton while the rest went in to explore.

Heart Creek Trail

The cave itself is not exceptionally deep, it only takes a few minutes to explore. The far end has caved in which shortens it a bit. There are numerous "rooms or areas on either side of the passage. It seems kids have known about it for a while since there is a fair bit of graffiti on the walls.

After a few minutes exploring the caves, we headed back down to the cars. On our way back there was a slight drizzle but not nearly enough to make things unpleasant. We got back to the parking lot pretty quickly and since it wasn't raining, and we had been lucky about not having rain thus far, we decided to push our luck even further and do the Heart Creek Trail hike as well.

Snow on Heart Creek Trail

Its another shorter trail, unlike the bunker trail that stays fairly close to the Trans-Canada highway, Heart Creek only follows it for a short period before disappearing away from the Highway. This means you're only inundated with the sounds of traffic for a short while. You are soon surrounded by trees and forget how close you are to the highway.

The trail itself follows a creek (Presumably this is Heart Creek lol) and crisscrosses it numerous times on the way up. The bridges all seem pretty stable although one or two were a little slippery in the cold and damp. At only one point during the trail did it start to rain hard enough for me to worry about my camera gear so I put my raincoat on just in case.

Buds on Heart Creek Trail

The trail ends at the mouth of a steep canyon that the river emerges from. There was a rope hanging on the one side that you could climb up and possibly explore a bit further but in the wet conditions and with a two year old we thought it best if we ended there. So we had our lunch and headed back. All in all it was a great day to hike. Quite chilly so you never overheated. The views on the Heart Creek Trail were a lot better than on the Bunker trail but I do want to take Charlotte to see both sometime when the weather plays ball.

So yes, I would do the hike again. It was a fun little jaunt.

Hopefully you were able to get out and go for a hike. Have you done either of these? Looking forward to hearing about it.



P.S. I was asked for a picture of my chuffles. They are egg and cheese waffles. 


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