Grotto Canyon - Alberta, Canada

Grotto Canyon - Alberta, Canada

View from grotto canyon Alberta Canada

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my new personal blog, my name is Graeme.

What is the point of this blog? Well its a place for me to write about the various hikes, bikes and other outdoor activities I get up to over the next year. I am also looking into buying a bus and converting it into a tiny house/camper so I will likely write about that too. Basically the current plan is to write about anything that can lead to a nice relaxing evening filled with Woodsmoke and Sunsets – some of my favourite things. There will likely be regular appearances by the various wonderful characters in my life, including my family, my great girlfriend and the three dogs we have between us: Watson, Sybil and Oliver. So why not start with the first adventure of the season.

Today, the plan was to start the season off with a short, easy hike with spectacular views. For this reason we picked the Grassi Lakes hike that overlooks Canmore in Alberta, Canada. Half-way up a mountain with pools so clear you can see the fallen trees at the bottom. It is a magical place. Charlotte, my girlfriend, Sash, my sister, Lili, Charlotte’s niece and myself left at around 10am. On the drive from Calgary though, it looked like there was rain in the mountains so Charlotte had a look at the weather forecast. We found out that there was a mix of snow and rain in the mountains and she also found out that Grassi Lakes is currently closed due to excessive ice. We continued to Canmore, stopped at Beamers cafe which has been a tradition for the last few years and regrouped. Not wanted to give up on our plans of going for a hike we decided to go and try for Grotto Canyon which was still open.

The distance between Canmore and Grotto is about 20 minutes and while Canmore was foggy, when we arrived at Grotto it was well and truly snowing. Luckily we had more than enough crampons for everyone otherwise the hike would have ended before it started.

Charlotte at Grotto Canyon Alberta Canada

The trail to the canyon was covered in a thin layer of loose snow but once we got into the canyon, snow and ice had begun thawing, leaving large puddles of slush. Shortly after reaching the canyon, the clouds opened up and the sun came out. We had a great walk to the waterfall which seems to be the common end of the hike but there is the ability to go further should you want to. After a quick lunch near the waterfall we decided to go further and I was able to get some stunning shots in the canyon further up. It might even be prettier there than before the waterfall but the entire hike was amazing. Definitely looking forward to redoing the hike in the summer sometime. 

Thanks all from the first day today, if you have any comments, please use the contact page. I would love to hear them. 


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