Ford Knoll Loop Trail - Alberta, Canada

Ford Knoll Loop Trail - Alberta, Canada

Hello everyone,

I hope you have had a good few weeks. I know its been a while since I last posted but one of our group sprained their ankle so we instead took a few weeks off from the hikes to let it heal. In the meantime we went and spend one weekend by the Bow River fishing (No one caught anything which is why I didn't make a post about it). We also went biking a couple of times. Biking seemed to be easier on the ankles but not the easiest to take photos so my posts for those trips aren't fact they are limited to a couple of lines in this post lol.

Ford Knoll Loop Trail

Then last weekend we decided to try hiking again. Something short and easy so we don't hurt our collective ankles but something that will allow us to start strengthening them again. The group decided to try Ford Knoll Loop trail near Forget-Me-Not Ponds. It was a great little hike. The weather forecast called for rain but there was only a bit of a drizzle at one part. The rest of the time the sky was cloudy and the temperature cool which made for a great experience. It was great for taking pictures. My brother asked me to take pictures of his knife as the manufacturer is running a contest at the moment to put together a calendar. As an avid knife collector myself, I was only too happy to help out. Below is one of my favourite shots that didn't make the cut.

Spyderco knife on Ford Knoll Loop Trail

The trail starts in the parking lot beyond Forget-me-not Ponds and at first you have to walk through a gate. Since it is an equestrian campground, there are horses so I might suggest making sure the gate is closed in case someones horse escapes. Once you make it through the gate the trail starts going up hill for a bit. Most of the trail seems to be along the side of a hill. You get to the far side of the hill and the earth gives way to a cliff which would be a great place to get influencer shots if you're in to that.

Spyderco Knife on Ford Knoll Loop Trail

Once you reach the cliff the trail follows the cliff for about 100 meters before it starts turning and slowly meanders its way back down the hill. There were signs of horses all over, footprints and dung piles. A lot of the dung piles were in the trail, which makes sense since the horses would be following the trail too so make sure you watch where you step. Herbivorous dung is a lot less offensive to the nose than carnivorous dung, its still not something you want to bury your foot in.

Ford Knoll Loop Trail

The trail meandered through some decent woodland where you could hear the squirrels chattering away as you walk past. The grasses under the tree canopy were thick and lush. We did see some deer too which was great. However I had the wrong lens on and could change it fast enough. I think I need to get myself a second camera so I can just switch the camera rather than having to gently transfer lens.

Horses at Ford Knoll Loop Trail

Once you leave the mountain, we were further down the road than where we joined the trail so we had to walk along the road for a bit. While doing that we saw some horses in the corral, just munching away. Respectfully we didn't want to get close to them. They aren't our horses. I would imagine the owners wouldn't want strangers harassing their horses either so I changed lenses now and took some photos from a distance. I really enjoyed that, admittedly horses have a special place in my heart.

Horse Herd at Ford Knoll Loop Trail

It was a great hike, one that I think I will do again if I ever get back into taking advertising photos for companies again. The ridge gives a great view that would work well as a backdrop for photos.

Hope you have a great week. I am off work next week and have a bunch of adventures planned!

Till then,


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