Dry Island Provincial Park

Dry Island Provincial Park

Hi Everyone,

How was your weekend? I know I have been a little quiet lately. One of our own ended up spraining both of their ankles so the last few weeks have been spent working in the yard and a relaxing weekend fishing.

Dry Island Provincial Park

However, we finally had exceptionally good weather here in Alberta. Saturday was full sun and about 25 degrees Celsius. Such a great day for a warm hike so we decided to try something different. This week, instead of heading out to the mountains which is our normal stomping ground, we decided to head east...and north a bit, to a little known place called Dry Island Buffalo Jump. It was a great day out where we ended up losing the trail a fair bit as the valley is crisscrossed with both human and wildlife trails.

The valley was hot and dry which was a great way to escape the chills from winter. We took the pups with which may have been a mistake since they are both black dogs so they overheat quite quickly.

Dry Island Provincial Park

We tried to follow the Alltrails app but as I mentioned previously, we ended up losing the trail quite quickly. We think we found the trail again but it came to an outcropping overlooking the river that flows through the valley. The view was great but just after the outcropping the trail had washed away. We decided to backtrack a bit to see if we could find another pathway. Eventually the dogs started showing signs of getting hot (black dogs in a full sun desert, probably not wise) so we decided to instead take a walk back to the cars and have a picnic at the tables.

While having lunch we were visited by a very brave squirrel who drove the dogs nuts with his cockiness. The pups were so focused on the squirrel that they completely forgot about trying to beg for food from us. After a surprisingly long picnic we packed up and headed home for the day. We took a slow drive back and washed the dogs on the way home juuuust in case they had picked up a few ticks while running through the tall grass and sniffing the hoodoos.

I would love to go back at some point and take more photos. Hopefully some time this summer.

What do you think? Have you been to this small nature reserve or do you have plans to go?

Let me know what you think if you go.



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