Chester Lake Trail - Alberta, Canada

Chester Lake Trail - Alberta, Canada

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I hope everyone is having a great time! I mentioned it in a previous post but I figure I will mention it again in case you're wondering how come I can go out hiking so much lol Charlotte and I took last week off so we were able to go out adventuring every day. Last week we had a heat wave with the temperature hitting the mid-40's Celsius. Because of this we went on our adventures early in the morning. This adventure was no different.

Stream near Chester Lake

We left around 630 in the morning again which means we arrived at the trailhead parking lot at around 830. The trail head is half way down Highway 40 near the Upper and Lower Kananaskis day use areas. Turn off Highway 40 at the Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes Day use area but before you get to the parking lots, you turn up the Smith-Dorian Trail road. This road leads all the way to Canmore and is a gravel road. About 10kms up though is the Chester Lake trail parking-lot.

The trail was cool this early in the morning and we headed on our way pretty quickly to try and warm up. The trail starts fairly steep which gets the blood pumping and gives the muscles a decent workout. Then, after the steep portion it becomes more steep which really gives the legs a second great work out and doesn't make you question your life choices at all. Eventually though it starts easing off.

Near Chester Lake Trail

You come to a portion where the trees thin out and give you a bit of a meadow, giving you hope that you have almost reached the lake. While yes, this is a bit of an easier portion, don't be fooled. There is another steep portion before the final meadow. Most of the trail except for the end is within trees. The trees and the ground on either side are covered in a thick layer of moss. One thing I really like about this trail is that the trail itself is wise and well maintained so you never get lost. The trail is well marked and well trafficked.

The final meadow is a sight to behold as you walk, surrounded by giant peaks all around following a meandering stream. The views at this point on the hike are nothing less than phenomenal and makes this hike one of my favourites. This early in the morning the far mountains sides are covered in shadow, as well as the far side of the lake. Because of this large swathes of the mountain sides were still covered in snow.

Chester Lake Trail - Alberta Canada

We had lunch on the shore of of the lake under one of the big trees which was fantastic and quite cool. The fish were jumping on this hike too but I forgot my rod at home so no fishing this time out. We were also on a time limit to make it back before the heat of the day hit in. We made it back to the car at around 1pm.

Have you done this hike before? What are your thoughts on it?



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