BlackShale Suspension Bridge

BlackShale Suspension Bridge

Good Morning Everyone,

Hopefully you have had a wonderful week.

This past week has been a bit cooler here in Calgary which has been pleasant although I am worried it might mean that winter is around the corner. I did buy some decent snow pants last year and then never used them, so that might change this year. I definitely want to keep going with this weekly hiking streak we are on.

View from High Rockies Trail

Speaking of which, this past weekend was just a little jaunt. All week long, the weather was calling for rain on Saturday, which happened to be our adventure day this weekend. A few of those days even suggested that we might be in for thunder and lightening. If you read my last post, you'd know I was hoping to do the legacy trail this week, but with the chance of thunder and lightening, we were understandably hesitant to go riding on metal bikes. Charlotte also isn't a huge fan of hiking in the rain so she didn't end up coming with us. The day off was overcast but out of supreme luck, the rain only started when we were driving down Highway 40 after a successful, albeit short, hike. 

We arrived at the trail-head to the High Rockies Trail shortly after 10am. It starts a few kilometres up the Smith-Dorian Trail from the Upper Kananaskis turnoff. Basically just across the road from the Peninsula day use area which is convenient. There are washrooms at the day use area but the review of them is pretty poor from those of our group that had to use them. The trail starts with a very slight up hill but for the 4 or 5 kilometres to the bridge there isn't really any discernible elevation gain. This trail is mainly up and down over and over again, which was good, we were able to move fairly quickly over it and it allowed Lexton to walk and get used to tackling inclines and roots. 

Stream on High Rockies Trail

The trail itself was well groomed and kept. It followed the road for the first 2 or maybe three kilometres, switching between out in the open and in and amongst the trees. We only passed on little stream on the way to the suspension bridge. It was a cute one though with rocks overgrown with moss. It was a very small stream, though, so even though I learnt from last weeks mistake and took my tripod, there was hardly any chance to use it. I tried to use it with the stream but looking back on my shots, the don't look like I used the tripod anyway. There wasn't much in terms of cascading water in this little trickle. 

The bridge itself was interesting, it spanned a culvert in the side of the mountain. I really struggled to find a photogenic side to it today though. It could have been the flat overcast light but I couldn't find any so I didn't end up taking any of the bridge. That was a little disappointing but those days happen. We ended up having lunch on the far side of the bridge while other visitors milled about taking pictures. Walking across the bridge to head back to the car though was when I realised  just how bouncy the bridge is. If you're scared of heights or get vertigo easily, I would not advise going on it, you will not enjoy it. 

High Rockies Trail to Blackshale Suspension Bridge

We took the way back pretty slowly, Lexton was able to walk which was good fun. He hit a new record, he might be able to hikes on his own by next summer! 

Would I do this hike again? Nah, probably not. I am glad I did it but not one I will be wanting to do again in a hurry. There are other, better ones in my opinion. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of landscape photo opportunities and I did honestly try hard. Sometimes that's just how the cookie crumbles though. 

Have you done this hike? What were your thoughts? Comment below!

Have a great weekend!


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